Should you rent a tent camper on Maui?


Tent campers on Maui are rising to the top of the list of outdoor enthusiasts’ preferred camping gear. Renowned for being dependable, tent campers on Maui are also effective, portable,  and they offer terrific ways to experience the great outdoors in luxury and comfort. Whenever you’re ready to go camping on the island, you can easily find and rent a tent camper on Maui. Check out Zazu Campers fleet of camper vans and their features that makes camping on the island so appealing.


Why rent a tent camper on Maui?


If you’re wondering why renting a tent camper on Maui is the right choice, read on to find out:

Tent campers on Maui are easy to setup 

Tent campers on Maui have the huge advantage of being incredibly easy to set up. Simply park your jeep in your spot at the authorized campsite, release the latches, and your tent will pop on its own!


Even though it could take a little longer to set up a tent with annexes, you should be prepared to travel before your exhaust pipe cools. Compared to the majority of conventional ground tents, rooftop tents are quicker and easier to erect.


Rent A Tent Camper On Maui

Sleep above ground in a tent camper on Maui

Renting a tent camper on Maui give you the option of sleeping above the earth, far from any potentially harmful critters like spiders, ants and other similar insects. Not to mention that your space will be safer if you lock your valuables in your rooftop tent and raise your ladder before bed. Also, renting a tent camper on Maui gives you a far greater view of the night sky! Discover how to make the most of your camping rentals on Maui.

Explore the island as much as you want


Once you rent a tent camper on Maui, you have all it takes to explore the island as much as you want. Tent campers on Maui are extremely mobile, which is why off-roaders love them. Zazu Campers rooftop tents are mounted on jeep wranglers making them stronger and suitable for all kinds of adventures.


Even more, once you choose any authorized campsite on the island, you can easily set up your rooftop with the least amount of efforts. This eliminates the need for you to search for a level area to pitch your tent. Simply put your camper van in park and start setting up!

Comfortable sleeping platform


Once you rent a tent camper on Maui, you’ll be traveling with all of your bedding intact. This means that as soon as you park your jeep in an authorized campsite, you can have a cozy sleeping mattress, thick blankets, and plush pillows ready and waiting for you. There is no need for lengthy camp breakdowns when you are ready to leave; just pull down your tent and get in your jeep.


You’ll have enough space for your items


After mounting the rooftop tent to your roof rack, you’ll have more space inside your jeep for other items. More so, you won’t have to worry about where to keep the different equipment that are typically used with a tent, such as bulky air mattresses, uncomfortable poles, and sleeping bags. This implies that you’ll have enough space in your jeep to store anything else you might need for your vacation or camping.