Are you wondering what to do on Maui in September? There are several exciting things you can do on Maui in September and you’ll find lots of places to explore on the island too.

Weather on Maui in September


On Maui, September usually means fewer tourists and cheaper hotel deals. The temperature, however, is one thing that stays constant. In fact, September is usually when the island experiences some of its warmest weather. While Upcountry villages in cooler Maui can see the mid-70s to low 80s temperatures, Central and West Maui can reach 88+ degrees (F).


Trade winds typically help to keep the humidity at bay. But occasionally, hurricanes and powerful offshore storms can produce humid weather. Beaches and water activities are best enjoyed early in the day before strong winds pick up, as they are every month. Averaging in the low 80s, ocean temperatures are still pleasant and welcoming. This means that the weather wouldn’t be a problem if you’re touring Maui in September.

What To Do On Maui In September

What to do on Maui in September: Camping


The number of things you can do to have fun on Maui is almost endless. And camping is one of the best things to do on Maui in September. It’s a lot of fun to go camping. It can be relaxing to sleep outside and escape the stress of the daily grind, and there is plenty of time for entertainment and activities. It might be a perfect opportunity to try out new things or pick up old hobbies again.

What to do on Maui in September: Off-Roading


If you’d love to explore the island to see some of the most precious hidden gems and several other spots that are hidden away, you should consider off-roading. It’s one of the most exciting things to do on Maui in September.

What to do on Maui in September: Hike an epic trail


Hiking is one of the more challenging but rewarding experiences you can do while outside, such as during a camping trip.


The world has a lot of epic hiking treks & trails waiting for the next traveller that will walk their path, so you’ll have tons of opportunities to see new things and explore new places.

Host a campfire cook-off


Hosting a cook-off is another fantastic and enjoyable way to liven up your campfire meals, especially if you’re with a big company.


You can restrict the dishes to the standard camping fare like sausages and eggs, or perhaps to their own BBQ marinades, to make the cook-off more difficult. Everyone will get to sample a variety of foods, so it doesn’t matter who gets to present the best camping feast.

Learn & practice some survival skills


Learning and practising your survival skills is one of the advantages of camping. Once you learn how to do them, skills like lighting a fire, building a shelter, and even making drinkable water will come in very handy on your future trips. There are special schools for survivalists where you can enrol. As an alternative, you might enlist the aid of relatives, close friends, or seasoned campers to assist you in learning these abilities.

What to do on Maui in September: Catch fireflies


It’s wonderful to have the chance to observe various animals and insects when outdoors. When night falls, you might try collecting some fireflies if the campground you are at allows it.


They can be placed into Mason jars with small ventilation holes on the lid and some damp paper towels or leaves to maintain the humidity of the air inside. It’s like something out of a fairy tale to see them blink their lights within the mason jar, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most fascinating things to do when camping. Then, in the evening, make sure to release them.