Maui van camping tips can make your time on the island more exciting and memorable.


With these van camping tips, you can pack your supplies for a weekend getaway, a week long vacation, or a change in lifestyle. Keep in mind that while van camping, less really is more. Even if it’s just for a few days, you should embrace living simply rather than worrying about bringing all the luxuries of home.


More so, reserve your camper van on time and don’t wait until the last minute. Once you’re in an authorized campsite and realize no one packed utensils, you’ll most likely stop having fun and start trying to get the utensils. Create a car camping checklist to avoid forgetting what to pack.


Maui Van Camping Tips


The following Maui van camping tips will make your time on the island more comfortable and exciting:


Box your stuff


Don’t just stuff everything into backpacks and duffle bags. Sort your items into camping supplies, culinary utensils, and bathing requirements using labeled boxes and containers. To set up camp, prepare dinner, or go to the restroom, you simply need to take the appropriate tote.


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Perfect parking spot


Car camping revolves around finding the ideal parking area. Ideally, you should be on flat ground, keeping your camper van balanced on all sides. Also, all your items in the camper van will be in their right positions without tilting forward, backward or sideways. This is one of the key Maui van camping tips not to forget. Read about the best places to explore on Maui.


Maui van camping tips: DIY lanterns


Sometimes a headlamp and a cheap water bottle are all you need. You can easily illuminate your entire car or van’s interior by mounting the light on the container’s side that faces inside. The gentle illumination is less intrusive and pleasant inside a car than a flashlight or headlamp. Here are key reasons to rent a tent camper on Maui.


Mosquito netting


We simply must emphasize that bugs are a real issue in many areas. Gnats, no-see-ums, and even mosquitoes may ruin a camping experience. Use mosquito netting to keep bugs out of open doors while allowing fresh air to circulate.


Toilet paper holders


Keep your spare coffee cans handy; one of them can hold a roll of toilet paper just fine. Additionally, since it’s one of those items you simply cannot lose, paint the exterior with glow-in-the-dark paint to make it easy to find even at night.


Baking soda


Since you’re car camping, this might end up becoming your closest buddy. It is a small miracle worker that functions as a fire extinguisher, toothpaste, odor absorber, and stain remover. Never go car camping without it.


Microfiber towels


You’ll simply have to take our word for it on this particular tip. When camping, towels are necessary. But don’t sacrifice room, so pack as much space-saving, quickly drying towel as you can. Microfiber towels will do the trick.


Structured bags


Van camping means that you travel, sleep, and have fun all inside of it. Prepare two distinct duffel bags to serve as your day and night’s structure. Put the necessities for traveling in one bag, and the camping necessities in the other.


Download offline maps


If you choose an authorized campsite that is way out of town, cell phone service might periodically go out. Download an offline map of your destination using the Google Maps app before you hit the road. Another option is to get a printed map of the region if you prefer the old-fashioned route.


Pantyhose soap bar


You can insert a bar of soap into a pair of (clean) pantyhose. Tie the other end over the sink in your camper van or next to your hand-washing station at the campsite. It keeps the soap in its proper place, away from mud and off the van floor.