Your Road to Hana itinerary should include some of the most remarkable spots and attractions on the scenic route. Known for being a long, amazing drive with lush scenery and rest spots, the Road to Hana itinerary makes it easier to choose to explore on the trip. If you intend to spend the entire day driving this 52-mile stretch of highway because of its twisting, one-lane parts that requires careful navigation, you’ll need a Road to Hana itinerary. The best part is you can hire a camper jeep and stop wherever you want on the Road to Hana.


Road to Hana Itinerary: Key Attractions To Never Miss


You should add the following attractions to your road to Hana itinerary:


Ho’okipa Beach Park


The famous Hana Highway’s Mile Marker 9 is where you’ll find Ho’okipa Beach Park. In the Hawaiian language, Ho’okipa, which means “hospitality,” is tucked between the Town of Paia and Haiku Town Center when traveling east on the Road to Hana. After driving through the Ku’au area, you’ll pass through a well-known fish house restaurant, and Ho’okipa Beach Park and you’ll spot the park within a short distance. This is one of the key attractions to add to your Road to Hana itinerary. Find out why exploring the Road to Hana is such a great idea.


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Road to Hana Itinerary: Twin Falls

Twin Falls is the first set of walkable waterfalls along the Road to Hana. It deserves to be on your Road to Hana itinerary. You should stop at the Twin Falls Farm Stand to get some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, coconut candies, and locally grown fruit before continuing to the Lower Falls, a short, easy walk from the parking lot, or the Upper Falls, a mile-round trek down a slick but gorgeous route.


Take a refreshing swim in your favorite waterfall or waterfalls to prepare for many more. The jeep wrangler’s rooftop campers is one of the best vehicles for exploring the Road to Hana. The jeep is built for all kinds of road conditions and terrains. Here’s how to choose the best rooftop campers on Maui.


Huelo Lookout

On the Road to Hana, between Mile Markers 4 and 5, is where you’ll find the Huelo Lookout. Its a charming rest area with a breathtaking views of East Maui island. You should look out for the farm stand that indicates the location of the Huelo Lookout. You can easily get to a vantage point from the farm stand by climbing a few stairs. The Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand, is as charming as you can ever imagine.

Ke’anae Peninsula

Near Mile Marker 16, just behind the Ke’anae Arboretum, is where you’ll find the Ke’anae Peninsula. There is a lot of history in this area, stunning views of the shoreline, and a chance to see how Hawaii used to be. Another excellent place to see before going to the Peninsula is the Ke’anae Arboretum. It’s a terrific spot to unwind, get some exercise, and then explore the botanical gardens. This spot should definitely be on your Road to Hana itinerary list.

Wailua Valley State Wayside

Wailua Valley State Wayside offers some of the best mauka (toward the mountains) and mauna (toward the ocean) views along the Road to Hana, including elevated views of Ke’anae Valley, the vast taro fields of Wailua Village, and, on clear days, nearby waterfalls. However, most visitors breeze right by this scenic stop. For a unique photo opportunity, climb the steps to your right and enjoy your paparazzi.

Road to Hana Itinerary: Pua’a Ka’a Falls

At Mile 22 on the Road to Hana, there is a rest area called Pua’a Ka’a Falls and State Park. This place offers a place to unwind, public facilities, and a walking route that leads to a waterfall and freshwater pool, making it an excellent choice to add to your list of Road to Hana itinerary. Follow the route that is located across from the public facilities to get to the waterfall and swimming hole.